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Bitcoin Mami

Chyna Bethley is a creative visionary who has her sights set on helping to create generational wealth through her business. She’s also quite resilient having survived breast cancer, Hurricane Katrina, and the loss of her first business. She also recently partnered with The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation to teach others how to invest in Bitcoin to build their wealth.

Dr. Chyna Bethley has taught people around the world how they too can build their own wealth in all aspects of their lives. She first Invested in Cryptocurrency in an Attempt to Change the Black Community's Attitude Towards Wealth. Proving that nothing could stop a determined person, She made her first million before turning 30, Founded the Rich University, and even climbed to the top at a record-breaking time in Ardyss International.  Dr. Chyna Bethley is definitely living in the Victories of her Vision, but she refuses to stop just there. 

Fueled by her unwavering faith, She is on a mission to continually teach women and men how to gain financial freedom and create generational wealth, regardless of their existing income class. She has shown that she has what it takes to be a boss as she teaches people how to earn six figures in a month, construct their financial portfolios and achieve economic growth. She works diligently on what she believes to be her divine assignment. helping others in building their “True wealth” portfolios.  

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