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Cash Credit Crypto EBook WorkBook and Access to My NFT Whitelist! 


When You Purchase My $97 Cash Credit Crypto Collection you will Have Access to Join the Whitelist for My Very 1st NFT Collection 

** Bonus 1st 100 Access The Whitelist for My NFT  Hurry Don’t Miss Out! **


 In NFT world, whitelist means that a person's crypto wallet address, (i.e. a public ETH address), gets pre-approved for their minting of NFTs on some specified dates/times!!! Don’t Miss the Opportunity to make History with Me For Black History Month!

CryptoCurrency is now the LARGEST ADOPTION  of technology in human recorded history!  Understanding the world of Cryptocurrency may seem intimidating for most of you. I created this eBook for a person who really wants to Win in the digital world of money! Let this be your guide in understanding digital money! If you have decided that you want more in life, and want access to financial freedom there are so many lanes in this crypto space for you to dominate in. I just need you to make one immediate decision that life is not just about working hard to pay bills and living paycheck to paycheck. This book is for the person deep down inside that knows they are supposed to be on top! 




Dr. Chyna Bethley is an ambassador of purpose, practice and productivity, but it was the challenges of her life that taught her the power of wealth. She first Invested in Cryptocurrency in an Attempt to Change the Black Community's Attitude Towards Wealth. Proving that nothing could stop a determined person, She made her first million before turning 30, Founded Rich University and even climbed to the top at a record-breaking time in the network marketing industry.  Dr. Chyna Bethly  is definitely living in the Victories of her Vision, but she refuses to stop just there. 


Fueled by her unwavering faith, She is on a mission to continually teach women and men how to gain financial freedom and create generational wealth, regardless of their existing income class. She has shown that she has what it takes to be a boss as she teaches people how to earn six figures in a month, construct their financial portfolios and achieve economic growth. She works diligently on what she believes to be her divine assignment. helping others in building their “True wealth” portfolios.  


Now that cash is crumbling and the inflation keeps on going, people tend to rely on Credit. But remember! know that credit is not ownership, yet it is something that you can always leverage! This Ebook isn’t just about cryptocurrency. I want to give you a right strategy that you need in understanding that cryptocurrency is here to dominate this space! This is your fast path to success and you really don’t need to know everything about crypto to attain success, you just need to be educated so that everything can be calculated!The Ebook can show you some ways to get the cash flow up digitally. Don’t let anything distract you from reaching your awaiting success. 


This book is more than just money.. 


This is about impact.

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