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Cash, Credit, Crypto

Cash, Credit, Crypto

Cash Credit Crypto EBook WorkBook and Access to My NFT Whitelist! 


When You Purchase My $97 Cash Credit Crypto Collection you will Have Access to Join the Whitelist for My Very 1st NFT Collection 


 In NFT world, whitelist means that a person's crypto wallet address, (i.e. a public ETH address), gets pre-approved for their minting of NFTs on some specified dates/times!!! Don’t Miss the Opportunity to make History with Me For Black History Month!


Credit is not ownership, but it is something that you can leverage. This Ebook and Workbook isn’t just about cryptocurrency. I want to give you a credit strategy that's going to lead you into Cryptos. The Ebook can show you some ways to get the cash flow up, I can bring in some people who could show you about credit, and then it can lead you into cryptocurrency. 


"Guided by the principle that individuals shouldn’t merely settle for making money when they can be rich.” 


An entrepreneur, author, and Cryptocurrency/DCX enthusiast, and the owner of “Rich University”, Chyna Bethley is all about teaching individuals how to not only change the mindset of how people look at wealth but also how to invest in Bitcoin to build their wealth. With the desire of providing guidance to the goal-getters and accountability, they need to capitalize on the cryptocurrency revolution, She wants them to see that making huge profits in a short time with cryptos is possible. 


People try so hard to make money but are not open-minded about the new currency. That's what my purpose and goal are, to make noise in this industry, provide enough knowledge and train our culture to the new trends of living!  I’m a living testimony that when you see it, you can live like Queen too! 


She was originally born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s  a wife, mom of three, and a breast cancer survivor who is a real-life example of “God’s grace.” Fueled by my unwavering faith, she’s on a mission to teach women and men how to gain financial freedom and create generational wealth, regardless of their existing income class. It is her goal for you to leave with the right tools to truly WIN in this space! 

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