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Bitcoin Baby Ebook

Bitcoin Baby Ebook

The bitcoin movement is accelerating at a fast pace, and there’s no time like now to invest in a resource that teaches you the ins and outs of how bitcoin really works. 


And “Bitcoin Baby” is that resource. It’s packed with easy-to-understand guidance on essential tools to use and real-life, jargon-free instruction on how to buy, sell and trade bitcoin and accumulate wealth in the bitcoin market. This book includes so much valuable information that it is potentially worth millions to anyone interested in getting in or leveling up in the bitcoin game.


While some people still believe bitcoin is a scam or some bubble that will soon burst, data proves that’s not true. You see, the reality is that people at all income levels are using bitcoin to build wealth. The question is, which side of the coin will you choose?


Blue-chip corporations, billionaires, celebrities, and even Wall Street investors are getting in on the bitcoin revolution. And, if you’re serious about setting your family up financially for years to come, then “Bitcoin Baby” is the resource you need to determine if the sector is right for you. 




“The author’s tell-it-like-it-is writing style is refreshing and easy to follow, and it’s clear that she is committing to simplifying complex concepts for those of us who know nothing about bitcoin. Before getting this book, I was completely uninformed about what bitcoin is. However, now I can truly say I have a clear understanding of bitcoin core concepts and what options are available should I decide to dive in deeper.” Shantell Bray


“I love how Chyna filled this book with facts, guidance and advice I can immediately use to start buying, selling and trading bitcoin with confidence.” 

Paris McQueen


“This book sheds light on how the bitcoin sector helps people of all income levels generate wealth. I appreciate how the author shares her personal experience inside the book. It’s easy for me to say this book is the best resource for learning more about bitcoin.” Jeffery Perry 




Guided by the principle that individuals shouldn’t merely settle for making money when they can be rich, Dr. Chyna Bethley made her first million before the age of 30, and she is committed to teaching others how to generate life-changing wealth.


As a successful mogul, visionary and coach, she is the founder of Rich University. Inside this community-based program, Dr. Bethley provides ambitious goal getters with the guidance and accountability they need to capitalize on the cryptocurrency revolution.


She is a wife, mom of three and a breast cancer survivor who is a real-life example of “God’s grace.” Fueled by her unwavering faith, Dr. Bethley is on a mission to teach women and men how to gain financial freedom and create generational wealth, regardless of their existing income class.

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