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Chyna Bethley is an entrepreneur, author, and Cryptocurrency & DCX enthusiast. As the owner of “Rich University,” she is teaching individuals how to build their wealth. Rich University started seven to eight years ago, with the mindset of normalizing the wealth concept within the community and getting people comfortable with the idea of being rich in every area of their lives. Access to Rich University provides an exclusive membership and lifestyle Community that supports individuals and families in obtaining wealth strategies. Join us today and gain access to a community of entrepreneurs and investors teaching financial freedom through education and technology.

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Interested in learning how to make money in foreign exchange (Forex) trading and or crypto? Our investor academy is an online provider of digital educational products and services that teach essential skills online. gain access to interactive content supported by a comprehensive library of pre-recorded and app-based data and information. It also aims in leveraging tools and resources that will help one develop and understand the world of Cryptocurrency. I am building a money empire and I want you to join the team.

All Things Chyna Bethley

When it comes to wealth, very few understand it means more than money and more than having good credit. It also means having more than homeownership. This is what makes Chyna Bethley a different kind of businesswoman. She is the epitome of what bossing up looks like. An entrepreneur, author, and Cryptocurrency enthusiast, and the owner of “Rich University”, Chyna Bethley is all about teaching individuals how to not only change the mindset of how people look at wealth but also how to invest and to build wealth. Click here to access resources to level up!



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